Welcome To Biker Accents

Biker Accents offers high quality products for accessorizing your bike at exceptional prices.

, our key product, is the most effective, professional LED lighting system that you will find anywhere.

Don't be fooled by cheap imitations or "light only" systems that only include the lights with wire leads. Our kits include everything needed, including detailed instructions. Available with a waterproof on/off switch or an optional remote control unit.

We offer complete kits with 3mm LED lights, 5mm LED lights and 3-LED cluster pods combined with individual 5mm LED lights for maximum flexibility in being able to point your lights for the best accents.

All products are backed by our 100% lifetime guarantee.  If a light ever goes out for any reason, just return it to Biker Accents and we will replace it for free.

These accent lights outperform anything else on the market.


Multi-function remote controls!!
Riding season is here.  Get some great deals on kits and accessories!


3mm Light Kits
Complete kits with 3mm lights which are the smallest available and easiest to hide. Available with 20 lights and an optional remote control.
5mm Light Kits
Complete kits with 5mm lights which are a little larger than the 3mm and a little brighter. Available with 20 lights and an optional remote control.
Pod Kits
Complete kits with pods and individual 5mm lights for great flexibility. Available with 40 lights and an optional remote control.
Individual LED lights, remote control units, on /off switches, fuse holders, fuses, etc.